High-level international forum on public-private partnerships in Tunisia Presentation of 33 major investment projects worth more than 13 billion dinars

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The Tunisian Ministry of Development, Investment and International Cooperation in partnership with the General Commission for Public-Private Partnership, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), is organising a high-level international forum on public-private partnerships (PPP) which is taking place in Tunis on 18 September.

Thirty-three major projects worth more than 13 billion dinars will be presented at the forum. The projects cover vital sectors such as energy, water, transport, logistics, infrastructure and technology.

The forum is in line with Tunisia’s commitment to adopt new mechanisms to advance investments, including through PPP, with a view to increasing growth levels and opening up new opportunities for national and foreign private investment in these projects, therefore easing the burden on public finances.

Tunisia has recently finalised its PPP legislative framework. The international forum will be an opportunity to introduce this framework and discuss the readiness of most of the projects, particularly in terms of their technical studies.

Two prestigious international organisations with rich and extensive PPP experience – the EBRD and IFC – have partnered with Tunisia to organise the forum. The two organisations have offered technical support and expertise on PPP in many similar countries.

The high-level forum will bring together a significant number of international experts as well as key players from the financial, investment and advisory sectors: senior officials from regional and international financial institutions, banks and investment funds; leading local and foreign investors; and representatives of the Tunisian administration, national organisations and civil society.

Prime Minister Youssef Chahed will lead the forum and a number of ministers will attend. The forum will be an opportunity to present Tunisia’s PPP strategy and everything the country has done so far to make it a success. A number of projects that could be implemented using PPP will be presented and discussed in special workshops during the forum.

In addition to the official opening session, the forum agenda includes speeches by officials from a number of regional and international financial institutions, the sharing of success stories from similar countries, and sectoral workshops where major water, environmental, transport, logistics, infrastructure and technology projects will be reviewed and analysed, particularly from a technical viewpoint. Technical information about the projects will be available to help those interested in contributing to their delivery.

A workshop to discuss PPP prospects in local communities will also be held as part of the forum. Tunisia’s mayors will attend.

To ensure the event’s success, a dedicated online portal has been set up with details of the agenda, the projects being presented, and the registration process for local and foreign participants.